SharePoint Online (O365) OAuth Authentication | Authorizing REST API calls against SharePoint Online Site | Get Access token from SharePoint Online | Set up OAuth for SharePoint Online Office 365

Here is my most awaited post on how to set up OAuth for SharePoint Online so that we can authorize REST API calls to the SharePoint site to retrieve data and manipulate the site data.

The steps going to be easy and I will demonstrate along with screenshots and examples with the Google PostMan RESTClient.

I have explained the steps below which follows the OAuth 2.0 protocol. All the steps are straight forward, but constructing the URLs are little tricky!

Below are the detailed steps:
1. Register an app in SharePoint

·         Click Generate for Client Id and Client Secret.
·         Give a name for the app, fill in the app domain (ex:, Enter the Redirect URL, important here is when entering redirect url, it should be https and this is the url, to which the site redirects once you authorize your app and get auth.code (which will be explained later).
·         Click Create.
·         (Imp!) Note down the Client Id, Client Secret and redirect_uri.
Fill in the details:

        2. Get the Realm of your site.
Realm is a constant GUID for a site. Save this realm for future use. Follow below steps to get the realm:
·         Download Google Postmanpackaged app.
·         Install and launch it.
·         Make a Get request as shown in the screenshot:
Authorization: Bearer
·         Get the Bearer realm component from the response header and save it.

  3.   Get the Authorization code from Azure Access Control Service
Construct the authorization url as follows:

As the example show, we need to send OAuth client Id and redirect URI to the SharePoint site as query string parameters. The following is an example of the GET request with sample query string values. Line breaks have been added for clarity. The actual target URL is a single line.
?client_id= d1a20424-c89d-4195-a29e-cf5796d90dd6

·         Client id is the client Id which we have got while registering the app in step. 1 above.
·         Scope which describes the Scope and the Right to be granted for the app.
This parameter is a space-delimited set of permission scope and right requests. (ex: we can also have scope=Web.Read List.Write)

Scope URI
Scope Alias
Available Rights
Read, Write, Manage
Read, Write, Manage
Read, Write, Manage
All Sites
Read, Write, Manage

The table above describes the Scope URI, Scope Alias and the Right. The values listed in the Scope Alias column are shorthand versions of their counterparts in the Scope URI column. For more info on this please refer Understand permission scope aliases and the use of the OAuthAuthorize.aspx page.
·         response_type =code (in order to get the auth.code).
·         redirect_uri    redirect url. Must be same as the redirect url given in step. 1. Note that this url is encoded.

Now the full url will be as follows:
Now, navigate to this url from your browser, login to the site if you have not logged in already.
Opens a consent page prompts the user to grant (or deny) the app the permissions that the app requests. In this case, the user would be granting the app read access to the current Site (Web).

Once you grant the permission (by clicking trust), SharePoint Online site asks ACS to create a short-lived (approximately 5 minutes) authorization code unique to this combination of user and app. ACS sends the authorization code to the SharePoint site.

SharePoint Online site redirects the browser back to the redirect URI that was specified when the app was registered in step.1. It also includes the authorization code as a query string. The redirect URL is structured like the following:

Extract query string value code from above url and it will be used in next step. This is the authorization code and it lasts for approx. 5 minutes!

    4.    Get the access token and refresh token:
What..? Yes! We are in final step to get the access token. In this step I will demonstrate how to get access token and refresh token from Google Postman.

Construct the below post request:<site_realm>/tokens/OAuth/2
Post parameters:
&resource=< audience principal ID>/<site_host>@<site_realm>

As the above structure show, we need to send OAuth client Id, client secret, auth code, redirect URI and resource to the SharePoint site as post body. The following is an example of the POST request with sample values. Line breaks have been added for clarity.
Also observe that I have encoded all the values.

Post parameters:
&code=<paste the long auth.code from previous step here>

·         Grant_type authorization_code (in order to get access token and refresh token).
·         client_id <client id from step1>@<site realm from step2>.
·         client_secret <client secret code from step1>.
·         Code <auth.code from previous step).
·         redirect_uri <redirect url from step1>
·         resource <audience principal ID>/<sharepoint domain>@<site realm>.
audience principal ID is a permanent security principal ID for SharePoint

Google Postman demonstration:
            Open Google Postman and press Alt+n for a new request. Note that it is a POST request.

Follow my screenshot below. Fill the post parameters similar to the example above, replace the value accordingly. Also keep in mind that the auth.code lasts for only 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, you can generate the fresh auth.code by following the step 3 again! Please save the access token and refresh token safely. 

Fill in the values:


     5.    Get access token if  it is expired by using refresh token:
Last but not the least, once you have access code, you can make use of powerful SharePoint 2013 REST APIs. But access code has a validity of 12 hours. So after 12 hours access code will get expired and you will need to get a new access token again!

Don’t panic! J You don’t need to follow all the steps againJ. You can make use of the refresh token and get a fresh access token again.

Here is how you get a new access token using refresh token:
This step is almost similar to step 4, except 2 differences. Here the difference is that we use:
·         grant_type as refresh_token and
·         refresh_token instead of code in step4 and use the refresh token which we have saved in step4.

Post parameters:
grant_type= refresh_token
&refresh_token =<refresh_token_from_step_4>
&resource=< audience principal ID>/<site_host>@<site_realm>

Note that it is a POST request.
Check out my Postman screenshot below:
Fill in the values:


Save the refresh token, which is valid for next 12 hours.

Auth. Code: about 5 minutes.
Access token: 12 hours.
Refresh token: 6 months.

OK J what next?!
Use access token to make REST calls to your SharePoint site.

Read my posts related to SharePoint 2013 REST APIs:

Cheers :) :) :) 
Comment below if have any difficulties :) 
Thank you for you time .

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  1. Hi, how can i call this all parameter in android.

  2. Hi, a little question :

    After use your auth code to get Access token and Refresh token, I understand that you can use your Access token for 12 hours and then use your Refresh token to get a new Access token available 12 hours again.
    But, when the refresh token become unavailable, after 6 months, how can you gain access to the API ?
    You have to generate a new auth code to get a new Access token and a new Refresh token ?


  3. Informative post. Thanks for sharing
    Office 365

  4. Can this OAuth token be passed to a webUrl in an IFrame (e.g., to show the web-based excel viewer) without requiring sign-in?

  5. One Ask

    What is localhost, if I have to use localhost, will I have to actually develop another app and host it somewhere and use it to validate code? If yes how? can you give more detail on redirect URI processing.

    1. Localhost is nothing but your local computer. once you enable IIS in your computer, you can just type in http://localhost in your browser and it should display the default iis page.

  6. Hello my friend, I would like to get the token of sharepoint, because I redirect to external link, for example, in other aplication I don't need signin.


    1. Create a page in your external application and write the mechanism to read the auth token from redirect query string

  7. can i get format to use restapi in ajax calls. i got access token from postman but when I use it in ajax call i get forbidden erorr. same access token is owrking fine in postman.

    1. There is no change in the format. it is the same endpoint and JSON data.

  8. Sir, your blog helped me in 2017 and again I visited Today in Dec 2019. Thank you very much,

  9. I have a problem with the resource parameter which is not part of the RFC specification and not taked in account by several framework how can I avoid or turn around the use of the resource Parameter

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  13. Hi Vikas,
    i am getting below error while trying to refresh the token
    "error": "invalid_grant",
    "error_description": "AADSTS70000: Provided grant is invalid or malformed.\r\nTrace ID: 14b75932-3ff8-4592-8c05-ba38cf3d3400\r\nCorrelation ID: cfc88fa8-ac3a-4056-9859-22eb051e1a53\r\nTimestamp: 2020-12-08 17:44:48Z",
    "error_codes": [
    "timestamp": "2020-12-08 17:44:48Z",
    "trace_id": "14b75932-3ff8-4592-8c05-ba38cf3d3400",
    "correlation_id": "cfc88fa8-ac3a-4056-9859-22eb051e1a53",
    "error_uri": ""
    Please help that what's is wrong in passing the post parameters

  14. Hi,

    This is very useful article and thank you very much. I followed every step and I was able to generate access-token. However,
    when I was trying to access site data via REST API using access token, it threw below error,
    "Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource"

    Could you please let me know how this can be sorted out. And also I cannot find your next article regarding "Use access token to make REST calls to your SharePoint site".
    Could you please share the link of that article?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Hi,
    this is very useful for me

    How to use Sharepoint REST API used in android for login function?

  17. Hello Vikas,
    Thank you for this useful blog. Could you please help me here.

    Considering, we have 2 users in Sharepoint.
    User A - an admin of Sharepoint Sites. Part of Team Site Owners group.
    User B - a regular user of Sharepoint. Not part of any special group.
    User A and User B both can log in to the Sharepoint browse through the sites and can open or create folders, and view, download, upload new documents to folders as well.

    Now, trying to access Sharepoint via REST API, and authenticating the users, we are able to successfully Authenticate with User A, but when User B logs in via OAuth in our app, he could not complete the login, and in return received access_deined error as a result from OAuth authentication response. We found that User B is only allowed login via OAuth, when he is also added to the Team Site Owner group. Which does not make sense, as it means, every user who wants to access Sharepoint via REST API, need to be an Owner of the Site.

    We need to understand why this change of behavior, for the same user, when accessing via Sharepoint Site directly and when using RESt API to authenticate to the same site?

  18. Hello Vikas,
    thank you for sharing all these informations.
    Is there way to do something like an "adminconsent", so that in the authorize step (.../_layouts/oauthauthorize.aspx?...) the consent dialog does not appear?
    Thanks for any advice.

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